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4 Best Management Software for Dog Breeders (2021)

If there’s one struggle that unites dog breeders, it’s the stressful and scattered hamster-wheel of trying to manage a torrent of different pieces of data about your dogs and keeping it all organized for your clients and yourself.

Fortunately, the power of technology means this struggle is no longer as necessary now as it used to be. The evolution of dog breeder management software means that you don’t need to spend your days feeling overwhelmed by pedigrees, whelping dates, heat cycles, and upcoming appointments.

Dog breeding software is an excellent tool to ensure that your business stays organized and profitable. We’ve compiled the four best software for dog breeders on the market today in this piece.


PuppyFat is a mobile-only management software focusing on managing your dogs’ data. They offer free dog breeding software options as well as paid options.

Features and Perks

Using PuppyFat, you’ll be able to maintain a watchful eye on your dogs’ breeding lives with the capacity to log and predict your dogs’ heat cycles, track matings, and keep up to date on the gestation countdown. They also help you keep track of records with dog pdf exports, contact management, and death records functionality.

All this is in addition to a score of different sorts of information you can track about your dogs. They also listen attentively to their users, as they actively use a “Request a Feature” form where any user can request a new feature on the app.


PuppyFat offers three price points. Their base application is free to use but lacks:

  • Full litter tracking (from whelping to weaning)
  • The capacity to upload and store documents/certificates
  • The power to monitor weights, feeds, and treatments for your dogs

However, it’s a great beginner-free dog breeder software to try out. 

If you want those advanced features, you’ll need to shell out either $45.99 for their 3-month “Flex” plan or $99.99 for their yearly “Unlimited” plan. According to PuppyFat, the Flex plan is their most popular plan, while the Unlimited plan is a better value.


DogBreederPro is a web-based software that has been in existence since 2003 when it began as a desktop application.

Features and Perks

DogBreederPro offers a host of different features for dog breeders. First, it allows you to

manage your dogs and contacts with an advanced dashboard that integrates calendar software and email reminders. From here, you can also generate AKC Dog Records and medical reports and log your revenue and expenses.

It also has a waiting list feature that allows you to manage your waitlist with contact details, sire/dam and breed preferences, limited/full registration, allergies, etc.

Through DogBreederPro, you can also create fully customizable and professional pedigrees. Customize them with your logo and color scheme, choose what data you want to show, whether you want photos, and include generations number. You can also print these to either PDF or JPG.


DogBreederPro has two price points, one at $4.99/month and one at $9.99/month. The Standard subscription ($4.99/month) includes almost all the features listed above. However, the Premium ($9.99/month) version also includes features like:

  • The puppy waiting list
  • Financials
  • Heat forecasting
  • Progeny, siblings, and ancestor analysis reports

You can also subscribe to either price point at a yearly rate, which will save you some money in the long run. They also offer free subscriptions to non-profits.


BreederZOOpro is a multi-platform dog breeder software that primarily focuses on data tracking and includes various other helpful features.

Features and Perks

BreederZOOPro features an easy-to-use interface where all your data is secure– both securely backed up and securely under your ownership. This interface includes free automatic updates, professional setup and installation, and free software phone support.

In terms of actual dog breeder management features, it includes a host of different advanced health and breeding management tracking functionalities like:

  • Heat/stud records
  • Puppy medical records
  • Inbreeding and trial mating coefficients
  • Current/future puppy reservation lists

It also includes a good deal of contract functionality, customizable contracts, stud contracts, and financial records tracking.

On top of that, they include pedigree creation capacity, address label generation, PDF and email functionality, auto-reminders, document/record storage, and more.


BreederZOOPro is the most expensive software on our list, at $49.99/month for their monthly rate. They also include slightly cheaper 6-month and yearly rates, at $239.94 for six months and $419.88 for a year (equivalent to $39.99/month and $35.99/month, respectively).

Breeder Cloud Pro

Breeder Cloud Pro is web-based software for dog and cat breeding management.

Features and Perks

Breeder Cloud Pro offers a vast array of different features, so let’s dive in. First, their interface includes an intuitive dashboard where you have a simple view of your animals’ upcoming heats and litters and upcoming appointments.

They also have an extensive notification capability that sends you text and email reminders when the time for an appointment comes around.

Scheduling capabilities efficiently help you make waiting lists for clients interested in your animals. You can then further increase this level of organization with their unlimited document and photo storage, having your records all in a place of easy access for your appointments.

They also include a kennel and workflow organizer to create medical reports, manage litters, and organize owners for your puppies. You can do this from any device– they have a multi-platform functionality to maximize your flexibility.

Breeder Cloud Pro further has an enormous and continuously growing database that can contain your dogs’ pedigrees for up to 6 generations.

Finally, they include a financial manager that allows you to track and analyze trends in your expenses. This manager also enables you to directly create contracts regarding your animals with e-signature functionality.


Breeder Cloud Pro offers four different price points with three different benefit levels and two different terms (monthly and yearly).

The cheapest option is free, allowing you to log two active dams, but with ads and without access to many of their advanced features like their Pet Portal, pedigree search, and in-site contracts with e-signature functionality.

The next cheapest price point is $4.99/month, which will allow you to manage ten active dams as well as almost all of the features discussed above. The only part you will miss out on at this price point is the in-site contract functionality.

The most expensive monthly price point is $9.99/month, which will provide you with unlimited dams and all the above features. This price point also has a yearly option of $100/year (which will save you approximately $20 compared to the monthly version).

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